Bulgarian Rose regenerating therapy for a youthful look
The roses grown in Bulgaria are world famous for their fragrance and healing properties. This therapy will fill your senses and infuse your body with happiness and pleasure stemming from the incredible properties of the magnificent Bulgarian rose!
The programme includes: peeling, body mask, massage and a hot cup of fragrant tea.
In Vino Veritas – an exhilarating therapy
“The wine is the key to youth and health”
The vital juices contained in grape have outstanding properties, which slow down the ageing of the skin and infuse all senses with a sense of pleasure and joy. Grape is rich in glucose, fructose, vitamins C, A, P and B, microelements and amino acids. The high polyphenols content helps link free radicals and protects the skin from ageing whilst neutralizing the harmful impact of the environment.
The programme includes: peeling, massage and a steaming cup of tea. .

Geothermal therapy  
This is a non-standard therapy aiming to achieve a balance between the energy of the human body and nature. Its owes its success to a combination of different techniques borrowed from nature: the warm and cold stone massage have a calming effect on the nervous system; aromatherapy relies on our sense of smell to re-programme and stimulate the mind; essential oils work directly on the skin; colour therapy draws on the power of essential oils; and music therapy relaxes the body. Volcanic and river stones are an essential component of the therapy, which helps release the body from pressure and anxiety.   

Anti-cellulite and slimming SPA therapy                                                      
Free your body from fatty tissue and cellulite with the help of natural substances combined in a seventy-minute SPA therapy.
The programme included: peeling, anti-cellulite massage and a steaming cup of fragrant tea.
Feet Heaviness and Fatigue
A refreshing and energizing procedure for the feet, which prevents varicosity. The feet are gently showered with cold water, which strengthens the vein wall.
Facial treatments 
With Bulgarian oleanous rose: a peeling, facial mask and massage

Longines Replica
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Spa Rose (VIA Natural - Bulgaria)
85 min
85.00 BGN
Spa Vino (VIA Natural - Bulgaria)
75 min
75.00 BGN
Feet Heaviness and Fatigue
30 min
45.00 BGN
Body therapy RAHIMA (D-r SPILLER-Germany)
50 min
58.00 BGN
Collagen face therapy (D-r SPILLER-Germany)
50 min
70.00 BGN
Deep moisture and revitalizetired face therapy „Sanvita” (D-r SPILLER-Germany)
50 min
62.00 BGN
Hydro marine (D-r SPILLER-Germany)
50 min
80.00 BGN
Spa wine for face (VIA Natural - Bulgaria)
50 min
55.00 BGN