These SPA therapies are intended to restore the balance of the body and soul and foster regeneration, relaxation and rest. The fragrant aromas, dim light, soft music caressing the ear and attentive care of our SPA professionals will leave you deeply refreshed, calm and happy.

The masks, therapies and massages are based on organic nature products – healing mud from Pomorie Lake, grape seeds, chocolate, lime and oleanous rose extracts, which boost the long-term beneficial effect on the human body.


Bamboo massage

The roots of this massage can be traced back to ancient China. Albeit energizing and relaxing, it is not thought to have healing properties. Rolling hollow bamboo sticks over the entire body stimulates blood circulation, metabolic exchange and the release of toxins. Bamboo massage also helps fight orange peel skin.

Lymphatic draining massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is performed on the upper and lower limbs where residue lymphatic deposits accumulate. Stimulates lymphatic circulation and releases retained deposits of toxins and fluids.

Reflex therapy (foot massage)

Reflex massage of the feet has an overall beneficial effect on the entire body.

Essential oil massage  replique montre

Essential oils will help you relax in a fragrant setting. Combining specific massage techniques with aromatic oils is a true bliss for the body and soul.

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Whole body massage
50 min
65.00 BGN
Partial massage
20 min
35.00 BGN
Massage - face and neckline
20 min
35.00 BGN
Classic anti-cellulite massage
35 min
60.00 BGN
Lymphatic draining massage
30 min
60.00 BGN
Therapeutic Massage with oil with lye and herbs
25 min
45.00 BGN
Essential oil massage
40 min
55.00 BGN
Anti- stress massage with lavender oil
40 min
55.00 BGN