The treatment is performed with the help of natural (sea, mud, water) and physical (electricity, ultrasound) factors.

Treatment with lye - The lye is the final product of malting in Pomorie. It remains above the salt layer. Its ingredients are close to those of mud and therefore have a mud-like effect - anti-inflammatory. It is obtained after evaporation of sea water and crystallization of salt. Contains calcium, sodium, magnesium, chlorine, sulfates.
In practice, compresses with lye are most widely used. They are used mainly in diseases of the musculoskeletal system; in rheumatic diseases; in traumatic - orthopedic diseases (injuries of soft tissues, bones, sprains, sprains, fractures); in neurological diseases. For this purpose, the lye is used in its natural form after heating in a water bath. It has a powerful analgesic effect.
Magnetic therapy - Magnetic field therapy. It has a pain-relieving effect.
Vacuum interferema - Ongoing therapy. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. In combination with "suction cups", which pull the tissue and by shortening the muscles, it acts as a massage and thus speeds up the healing process.
Diadynamic - A healing procedure using currents of different frequencies. Helps with discopathy, plexitis, radiculitis and others.
Ultrasound - Treatment with a combination of high frequency current and a healing substance that penetrates deep into the tissues
Lugophoresis - This is a treatment with lye and galvanic current. This practice works by injecting the healing lye directly into the tissues of the body. Used in joint diseases.
Inhalation with lye - The lye in a vapor state is inhaled through a special device and thus enters directly into the lungs. Promotes the treatment of chronic bronchitis and various respiratory diseases.

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